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Our Services

When you bring your computer to us we perform a free evaluation.  This means we go over the computer with you and ask a few questions to help find out what's wrong and make the proper recommendations for service.

We have Senior and Military discounts for our community!

Free Evaluation

We go over the computer with you and ask a few questions and learn about the problems your machine has and why.  This ensures that we do the right service to fix the issue.

Basic Data Backup Services

We backup all your important data (documents, pictures, music, etc.) to an external drive that you provide.

Clean and Dust Services

We professionally clean your computer by removing dust and grime build up from the screen, keyboard, ports, vents, etc.  Not only will your computer look good, but it will perform better and last longer as well.

Basic Tune-ups

We help your computer run faster by removing unnecessary junk files, cookies, temp files, etc.  We also adjust different settings to make your machine start up faster and run smoother.  Malware?  Gone.

Performance Tune-ups

This service includes everything from the basic tune up, plus we clear out unwanted programs and install new windows updates and drivers.  This also includes a clean and dust service.

Software Installs

We will install any software of your choice on your system and set it up for you.

Basic Hardware Installs

We will install the basic types of hardware into your system like Memory, Hard Drives, Fans, CD-Rom, Graphics Cards,  Sound Cards, etc.

Data Backup & Migration Services

We perform a virus-free transfer of all your data to another computer and back everything up to an external drive that you provide.

Virus and Malware Removal Services

We go through your system and identify any malware, spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, etc.  and remove them from the computer.  We then repair the damage to your registry, install free anti-virus software and create a restore point.  This service comes with clean and dust.

System Restore / OS Install Service

We restore your system to factory defaults by re-installing Windows.  This ensures your computer is completely clean and your registry is 100%.  Then we install the most current drivers for your system so that everything works correctly and then create a restore point.  Includes our clean and dust service.

Advanced Repair or Restore Services

We will perform our virus and malware removal service or the system restore / OS install.  Your choice.  This includes everything from those services, plus we make sure all your updates are current.

Advanced Hardware Installs

We will install more advanced hardware into your system like CPUs, Motherboards, Water Cooling Systems, Power Supplies, New Case Setups, etc.

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