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Data Techs


3029 Jet Wing Dr.  Colorado Springs, CO 80916

FREE Evaluation Service

We go over the computer with you so that you get the best recommendation for service.

Get Rid of Pop-Ups

Pop ups are annoying and some of them can even cause your computer to malfunction.  Not anymore!

Remove Viruses

If there is malware on your computer, we will get rid of it with our services.  Say goodbye to trojans, spyware, etc.

Fix Internet Problems

We know how important internet access is.  Everyone needs to be able to check their email and browse the web.

Improve Performance

We make it a habit to upgrade drivers, install updates and tweak your system properly so it will perform the way it was designed to.

Data Backup & Migration

Your data is very important and we respect your privacy.  If it needs to be backed up or transferred, we got you covered.

We are A+ Certified.  This means we have completed professional training to properly diagnose and repair computers.  That way you will have peace of mind knowing that your machine is in the hands of professionals and will be taken care of.

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